Do you know your company's Total Functional Value?

Total Functional Value determines your company's growth velocity, throughput capacity, adoption rate, retention, operational overhead, resource utilization and about 1,000 other nearly unquantifiable factors. You want margins. You want security in your decisions. – therefore you need true interaction between your platforms, processes & people. Give us a call, and we'll show you how.

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Rated: "Top 20 Most Promising Salesforce Solution Providers"
- CIOReview Magazine
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World-Class Custom Business Management Solutions

Like engines, businesses run better when they are optimized. True Interaction focuses on the core parts of your “engine block” – the various People, Processes, and Platforms in your business. Our work involves honing or rebuilding these parts, as well as truing up the interaction points between them. This procedure supercharges your business, boosting communication, automation, and output, so you can drive toward bigger business bandwidth, more sales, and happier clients, all with the efficiency and security that modern businesses require.

From Fortune 500 to Funded Startups

True Interaction produces custom full-stack end-to-end custom secure and compliant technology solutions across web, desktop and mobile – integrating data sources from e-commerce, enterprise resource planning, customer service, document & inventory management, spend, performance and more...

World-Class Solutions

We're good at boosting productivity, increasing margins, and making money for our clients, but in reality we only care about boosting morale & happiness. True Interaction gives you the right solution and more...


Organizations that operate on a large scale or at high frequency need platforms to monitor, distribute, manage, and audit information and activity in a compliant manner, considering risk on many levels. Stamp out risk with the right platform custom-tailored to your unique policies and procedures.


0% to 100%
Product success requires both a brilliant concept and a team that can deliver exceptional execution throughout its genesis. If you have a game-changing idea that you would like bring to market or introduce within your organization, it’s extremely important to start your venture off right. Whether it’s with start-up entrepreneurs, or visionaries within larger organizations, True Interaction builds high-caliber platforms that not only fits the business needs, but is expressly focused upon achieving the highest return on investment versus risk.


It is not uncommon for mature organizations to fragment themselves across 100s of platforms and processes over time. This leads to excessive recurring expenses, inefficiencies like manual data massaging between silos, and ultimately, lost opportunity. Take advantage of the uneven terrain of the digital world and produce a game-changing platform that cuts waste, redundancy, and boosts margins worldwide.


Latent potential exists all around us, right behind the deluge of data, communications, and rote daily tasks that cloud our sensory inputs. Sometimes, all your business needs is assistance in pinpointing that one part that will open the floodgates to increased throughput and diversification. Let us identify the high-value, low-risk functions that will align with your core business operations and claim new terrain.
“Magic. Just Magic. We never could have imagined to have this sense of usability at this level, so quickly and easily.”
Sara Shindel
- General Counsel of Lifetime Brands
“Liam demonstrated not only that his incredible breadth of expertise can provide a unique perspective to a problem, but that he can leverage it to produce an astonishingly innovative solution.”
Stan Gryskiewicz, Center for Creative Leadership
- Senior Fellow at Center for Creative Leadership, President & Founder at Association for Managers of Innovation
“Liam is a perpetual innovator, who consistently balances long-range vision with carefully crafted and polished execution.”
Jon Bouchard
- Award Winning Architect

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CEO Insights

How do you pick the right team?

Truth through Trials: "The best people we’ve worked with, have gone through trials with us. When things get hot, a team member's personal and professional character rises to the top, which is tough to see on the spot. The truth is, after a trial period, you’ll know if its the right fit, when both parties work to support each others livelihood." - O. Liam Wright, True Interaction

Big Lessons on How to Avoid Company Failure

Fear Shouldn’t Be a Driving Force: "The inception of an idea may come from feelings of scarcity. Formulations for that idea may be influenced by insecurity. Fear of not having enough in life may lead you to want more for the wrong reasons, and fear may push you to make nearsighted decisions. 'Babysitting fear' means you both endorse, soothe and are manipulated by it; which in business, leads to failure." Read More

Budget-Friendly Ways to Thank Your Best Team Members

Offer Qualitative Value: "Members of your team have several motivators: security, growth opportunities, ownership, freedom, camaraderie, excitement and even protection from business chaos. Not every houseplant grows best in direct sunlight, nor does every friendship thrive on the same ideals. Money is one basic quantifiable motivator. However fulfilling the longings that are unique to each team member offers unquantifiable value. " Read More

How to Take Lead in "The Most Intense Startup Competition in the World"

Gratitude: "It's not about starting a company, or competing with the vague idea of 'to win'. It's about discovering a rare human experience that can only be found in the trenches of trials... You can’t experience this any other way. Everyone involved with with StartupBus made this deep human experience happen." Read More

“I am very impressed with how quickly you "got it" and were able to add so much experience to the design.”
Cliff Siegel
- EVP Global Supply Chain at Lifetime Brands
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100,000s of international compliance audits, saves $100,000s/mo. and mitigates $100,000,000s in litigation risk. Read SAP News

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“We all love the system and have only positive feedback, especially the finance department!”
Terry Losco
- Contracts Manager and Paralegal

Stay out of trouble with automated company-wide contract status alerting on 1,000s of agreements.

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Celebrating 10 years with a fitting design. Visit: A+R Store

Connecting customers with service centers 400% faster, boosts customer satisfaction and reduces call center stress.

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Manage $10Bs of the worlds top agency budgets seamlessly integrated with Salesforce models.

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Bridging the Gap between Hardware & Software to bring the Internet of Things to Kitchenware Consumers.

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I'm seriously almost crying, I'm so happy... though for the professional record, I will say "the system looks good..."
Undisclosed ;)
- Manager, Customer Service

~200% Boost! Manage 100,000s of customer service requests per year across 38 ecommerce websites worldwide.

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“We Love our System. It's Brilliant! It works like a charm, successfully identifying the correct transactions to decline and approve in milliseconds!”
Shaya Posner
- Executive Product Director

Crush fraud by elegantly processing 100,000s of transactions through a modifiable rules engine in under 600ms.

Gain an edge in the field with a real-time competitive pricing calculator and geo-tagged sales activity.

Battle Tested Products

We work with clients and investors to produce clever and valid market-ready products. If you have an idea that you believe will fill a gap in the marketplace. Let's Talk!

Contract Management System


Quality Management Tool

Coming Soon

Customer Service Platform

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How We Work

f v = (R-I)
True Interaction seeks first to understand the key critical functions of your business with a proprietary True Interaction Session™. This involves a proprietary audit which identifies what parts and/or interaction points you need to improve. Next is R&D drawing deeply from the art and science of Information Architecture, which lays the foundation and blueprints for efficient development. We follow through with extensive Quality Assurance and Penetration Testing, as well as Monitoring, Training and Maintenance that fits your company’s work-style as you evolve toward greater levels of success. Need your project expertly managed? Give us a Call.
Genius is 1% Idea and 99% Exceptional Execution, therefore we built our own Project Management System, ELM (the Entropy Limiting Machine) to manage your project to perfection.
Our End-to-End Process ensures you can go from idea to seamless delivery efficiently.
ELM manages all aspects of your project from project kick-off to live deployment.

Who We Are

True Interaction seeks to work with the best interdisciplinary talent, in order to align them with a perfected process to achieve a solid outcome every time. Our Fortune 500 client list includes some of the largest and most established global organizations – spanning Media, Research, Manufacturing, Robotics & Pharma. We love working with startups too, so if you have an idea that you need to bring to market, Get in Touch.

About the Founder O. Liam Wright, founder of True Interaction, is an award-winning perpetual innovator, investor, advisor and executive business operations consultant to both Fortune 500 companies as well as several successfully-funded NYC startups. He serves various roles such as Director, CTO, CEO, and COO, but prides himself not on titles, but the results – helping companies and individuals accomplish their goals.

We Can Integrate Anything with... Anything

Per the endless variable demands of each of our global clients, TI has seen it all, and has had to do it all. From legacy systems to open source, we can determine the most optimal means to achieve operational perfection, devising and implementing the right tech stack to fit your business. We routinely pull together disparate data sources, fuse together disconnected silos, and do exactly what it takes for you to operate with tight tolerances, making your business engine hum. Have 100+ platforms? No problem. Give us a Call.

Depending on your current technology landscape, True Interaction will identify and define the optimal path foward.

Our Happy Clients

"First, I want to say that the team LOVES the work you did. “Brilliant” was actually used. :)"
Barbara Scarpa
- VP, New Business Director UMWW
“We've seen a drastic reduction in issues related to the distribution system. It’s a great tool and it’s been amazing how we can do more now because of this platform. Using QM we have benefited from cost savings of $100,000, already - however this only just begins to scratch the surface in quantifying total cost & time savings” Read Our SAP News Report
Cliff Siegel
- SVP, Global Supply Chain
“This project is coming to a close, and your team has been WONDERFUL.”
Robyn Pearson
- Sr. Account Manager | Click3X
"Perfect !!!! You guys have done a tremendous amount of work and it looks amazing. THANKS! You are a walking repository of great approaches to reframe problems and make sense of them."
Laura Abrams (nee Toivonen)
- Program Director | Worldwide at IPG Mediabrands
"It's rediculously amazing... I wanted to tell you how I feel about it, and how you and your team have been a bright light in my life lately. I am so grateful to you!"
Lauren Schnell
- Author, Life Coach
"Each time, I am first inspired by the broad-stroke concept, or overall structure of what has been created, followed by a deep sense of admiration for the level of perfection achieved."
Jon Bouchard
- Award Winning Architect
“Fantastic work of your whole team on this. I am incredibly happy with the outcome - and I know I'm not the easiest to satisfy... ;-)”
Karin Baatsch-Deboulet
- EVP, Chief Technology Catalyst | Initiative
"I am very impressed with the professionalism and output you have afforded CAPP."
Robert Nalewajeck
- National President
"They provided the highest of communication skills which is needed in a healthy work environment as well as high ethical standards. Anyone would be lucky to have TI work with or for you."
Scott Gralnick
“It's been a joy working with True Interaction."
Daniel Light
- Executive Creative Director | Picture Production Company
"Amazing Document! Thank you Liam and Crew!"
Bill Kay
- Executive Creative Director
"Love it love it love it love it love it love it."
Andrew DiLauro
- Founder
I'm seriously almost crying, I'm so happy... though for the professional record, I will say "the system looks good..."
Undisclosed ;)
- Manager, Customer Service
"We Love our System. It's Brilliant! It works like a charm, successfully identifying the correct transactions to decline and approve in milliseconds!"
Shaya Posner
- Executive Product Director
"We are up 300% in traffic from last year, up 400% in membership. Your work helped us to think very carefully about our audience and our tactics, among other things. You are a part of this growth we are experiencing for sure."
Maureen Mirabito
- Community Director | Academic Development Institute
"TI seems to put an abnormal amount of effort into understanding my needs. The results exceeded what I could have imagined left on my own. Highly recommended and professional."
Andrew DiLauro
- Founder
"Gentlemen - Kudos. These look fantastic. You are truly a rock star! The client is going to be thrilled. Thanks for the extra effort, as always."
Justin Marcucci
“You've been AWESOME!!! I can't repeat it enough... so one last time, you've been AWESOME!!!!!!!!”
Karin Baatsch-Deboulet
- EVP, Chief Technology Catalyst | Initiative

Coming Soon

Surviving the Idea is a book for the creative class of start-up entrepreneurs and enterprise innovators, who must see their way through from initial spark of the idea to clear expected results. There are many bridges to cross to achieve a valid result greater than the time and money spent. From business modeling to market research, design, development, testing and launch – your idea needs to survive trouble makers, partners, vendors and customer acceptance. And not only does the idea need to survive, but so do you!

"I am always left at the end wanting to know more - wanting to be a part of what is going on at True Interaction. TI is like IT with a soul. Totally unique. I highly doubt anyone else is selling something that is - so conscientious...”
Nadia Tarr
- Entrepreneur, Fashion

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Interested in working on some of the hottest custom solutions for Fortune and Funded Startups? If you like independence, growth, control, options – and genuinely love your work, let's talk.

7 Keys to Success for New Hires in the First 3 Months

True Interaction Recommends,
"Fit in – But don't Follow: Sometimes you follow, but many times you have to flourish in your own way. True Interaction is a machine, yet it is made up of individuals who need freedom to think for themselves while considering the larger picture. Following protocols is good, but maintaining sensitivity to conditions is better. Fit the team, but don’t follow blindly. Improve yourself and others, personally and professionally." – Read More

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“TI provided highly professional services, considering the highly complex nature of our product and service offering. They solved problems we didn’t even know we had. Which was part of a superb architecting process.”
Jason Poure
- Vice President of SPARK : design experience & strategy

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