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True Interaction is Process, Structure & Philosophy designed to create the conditions by which the highest potential ROI can be achieved. We architect the core engine of your business – its Platforms, Processes & People – so it can function at optimal performance.

Research & Architecture

We believe in upfront intellectual heavy-lifting vs. brute-force execution. It saves time, money and gives a good first impression.

Design & Branding

Form represents function and communicates value. We formulate an identity commensurate with your audience's expectations.

Prototypes & Engineering

We help you pull back the proverbial bow to hit your target with clear prototypes and clean development tactics.

Go-To-Market & Funding

Deploying an enterprise solution or launching a new product takes expertise, determination & investment. We'll show you how.

"For 5 years I've been continually amazed at your consistency and creativity. Highly recommended to anyone looking to develop complex apps and even physical products.”
Jason Poure Vice President of SPARK : Design Experience & Strategy of Lifetime Brands
“These guys really rock at building custom business solutions! Have used them for many projects and will continue to use them going forward.”
Cliff Siegel, EVP of Global Business Operations of Lifetime Brands
"First, I want to say that the team LOVES the work you did. “Brilliant” was actually used. :)"
Barbara Scarpa, VP, New Business Director of Universal McCann Worldwide

From Funded Startups to Fortune 500

True Interaction produces custom full-stack end-to-end custom secure and compliant technology solutions across web, desktop and mobile – integrating data sources from e-commerce, enterprise resource planning, customer service, document inventory management, spend, performance and more...

A Breadth of Experience

True Interaction has logged 100,000's of hours of research, design, development and deployment of consumer products and enterprise solutions. Our services directly impact a variety of industries and departments through our deep experience in producing critical business platforms.


Business Process Design
System Architecture
Information Architecture
Interface Design
Brand Identity
Database Schematics
Compliance & Encryption
Risk Mitigation




Inventory Management
Supply Chain
Customer Service


Case Management Portals
Quality Control Platforms
Contract Management Systems
Document Management Platforms
Automated Response Management
Enterprise Resource Planning
Customer Relationship Management
B2B & B2C SaaS Products

CEO Insights

"The secret to building successful products and services lies in VISION. Insight, foresight, hindsight are temporal dimensions. Nearsight, Farsight, Blindsight are capabilities. Natural intuition and nurtured experience will help you achieve the vision you need to achieve your goals."

Big Lessons on How to Avoid Company Failure

Fear Shouldn’t Be a Driving Force: "The inception of an idea may come from feelings of scarcity. Formulations for that idea may be influenced by insecurity. Fear of not having enough in life may lead you to want more for the wrong reasons, and fear may push you to make nearsighted decisions. 'Babysitting fear' means you both endorse, soothe and are manipulated by it; which in business, leads to failure." Read More

Budget-Friendly Ways to Thank Your Best Team Members

Offer Qualitative Value: "Members of your team have several motivators: security, growth opportunities, ownership, freedom, camaraderie, excitement and even protection from business chaos. Not every houseplant grows best in direct sunlight, nor does every friendship thrive on the same ideals. Money is one basic quantifiable motivator. However fulfilling the longings that are unique to each team member offers unquantifiable value. " Read More

Leading in "The Most Intense Startup Competition in the World"

Gratitude: "It's not about starting a company, or competing with the vague idea of 'to win'. It's about discovering a rare human experience that can only be found in the trenches of trials... You can’t experience this any other way. Everyone involved with with StartupBus made this deep human experience happen." Read More

Delivering High-Impact Results with Interaction Fundamentals

"Implementing and integrating new platforms within existing infrastructure is quite easy, given you clearly understand the underlying information architecture of your business, and how that information is processed across departments, customers and vendors daily." Download PDF

Our Work

Mobilizing SAP Data for Global Supply Chain Quality Control, Accountability & Compliance in Real-Time.

Audits per Year

About QM

Lifetime Brands’ QM iPad Application enables organizations to oversee and manage Quality Control Inspections in real time, regardless of where factories, product lots, or distribution points are located. QM conducts multiple inspection types, including factories, products, and social compliance, powered by SAP cloud data.

The Technology

Saved per Month
Risk Mitigated
"I am very impressed with how quickly you "got it" and were able to add so much experience to the design."
- Cliff Siegel, SVP, Global Operations Lifetime Brands

Lifetime Brands supplies the Top Housewares Retails in North America.


Managing 1,000s of company-wide contracts just got easier, and more intelligent.

Integrated Contract Management


Managing worldwide contracts that impact multiple departments at different times can be unwieldy, however the Contract Management System makes it easy to run reports, notify key people of any status changes - moreover with its automated notification system, key people are notified of critical actions required ahead of time.

The Technology

Contract Management has never been more efficient with superior interface design.
Privately accessible contract views make it easy to share important information.
Full change log available for audits.
Invite others to view specific contracts and track the number of views.
“Magic. Just Magic. We never could have imagined to have this sense of usability at this level, so quickly and easily.”
- Sara Shindel, General Counsel of Lifetime Brands
“We all love the system and have only positive feedback, especially the finance department!”
- Terry Losco, Contracts Manager & Paralegal of Lifetime Brands

Lifetime Brands supplies the Top Housewares Retails in North America.


Integrating Customer Service - 2x Faster, 60% Leaner, 80% More Cost Effective.

Integrated Customer Service Platform

Cases Per Year


The Lifetime Brand's customer service platform integrates with various data sets to provide call-center agents a seamless experience across customer records, open orders, purchase history, past case status and 1-click Free of Charge Orders, cutting phone and email case response time by 50%.
"I'm seriously almost crying, I'm so happy... though for the professional record, I will say "the system looks good... ;)"
Customer Service Manager Lifetime Brands

On-Site Quality Assurance

The True Interaction team visits our customers environments to witness application usage in real-time to ensure all edge-cases are considered.
Costs Saved per Year

Easy to Use Interfaces

True Interaction employs best-in-class practices to ensure features and interfaces are easy to read and understand.
Full Administration allows for managers to configure and adapt as needs grow.

Lifetime Brands supplies the Top Housewares Retails in North America.


Gain an edge in the field with a real-time competitive pricing calculator and geo-tagged sales activity.

A fine-tuned look worthy of the world's best curated designs.

True Interaction had the privilege of servicing Andy & Rose of A+R by re-architecting and re-designing an appropriate web-property commensurate with the highest-grade globally curated designs sold worldwide.

About A+R

A+R relentlessly seeks out and cherry-picks the newest products by the best designers and design houses worldwide, aiming to offer them first.
"With our 10th anniversary just around the bend, it seemed only fitting to enter a new decade with a look reflecting our own evolution and features fine-tuned. THANK YOU for your support of our independent business."
- Andy & Rose, Founders of A+R Store

A+R relentlessly seeks out the newest products, aiming to offer them first.


Connecting customers with service centers 400% faster, boosts customer satisfaction and reduces call center stress.

Honoring the 20,000 Original Montford Point Marines who Fought for the Right to Fight, with a Fitting Memorial.

True Interaction has been the lead element on behalf of the MPMA in developing a fully designed and architected memorial to commemorate this important history. They provide a broad range of fronts including campaign strategy, marketing assets, and website development.

About the Memorial

This Memorial honors The Montford Point Marines who were the first AfricanAmericans to serve in the Corps. From 1942 to 1949, nearly 20,000 black men trained at Montford Point. These Marine participated in the Pacific Theater Campaigns of WWII including Iwo Jima.
“Despite being denied many basic rights, the Montford Point Marines committed to serve our country with selfless patriotism... Embodying the Marine Corps motto of Semper Fidelis, Always Faithful, these heroes paved the way for future generations of warriors, regardless of background, to serve in the finest military the world has ever known.”
- Barak Obama, 44th President of the United States
Funds Raised

Detailed Craftsmanship

True Interaction researched and composed a full memorial down to its finest details, including historical & poetry plaques.

Full Memorial Design

True Interaction employed its information architecture skills, essentially discovering that physical architecture can be seen as "Software Extruded."

5 Year Collaboration

The True Interaction team worked with memorial directors, architects, engineers to help ensure a comprehensive tribute be on display for generations – such as a refurbished M1A1 Artillery Unit.
Marines Honored


True Interaction has been inspired by the USMC spirit. "It's not a matter of if, its a matter of when."

Honoring through Art

Liam designed a 900-lbs bronze statue is approximately 8-feet-six-inches from head to toe and 15-feet base to head.
True Interaction's ability to translate a chapter of history as difficult as segregation and racism into a work of art is unique. This design meets its intended purpose of educating and inspiring visitors for generations.
- Dr. James T Averhart, National President of MPMA The Memorial Location
“It seemed proper to have a memorial that honored the many aspects of integration. Everyone had to change, including the Marine Corps and the Society of the Times. This memorial stands as a testament to the 'freedom of making choices' - and generations of visitors will see that seemingly insurmountable odds cannot stand against individuals who choose to set goals and overcome."
- O. Liam Wright, Founder of True Interaction

Visit the Memorial at the Memorial Gardens in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina


Helping America's largest housewares retailer cross over into the world of "The Internet of Things."

Lifetime Brands entrusted True Interaction to help launch its first ever digitally enabled product - by producing product specifications, clickable, software and hardware prototypes.
The True Interaction team monitored data packets from recently acquired hardware IP and reverse engineered communication protocols by mapping cryptic binary data into functions – thereby enabling us to build our own multi-device communicative app. Moreover, for testing purposes we cobbled together our own Bluetooth enabled arduino for Alpha Testing.
"For 5 years I've been continually amazed at True Interaction's consistency and creativity. Highly recommended to anyone looking to develop complex apps and even physical products."
Jason Poure, Vice President of SPARK : Design Experience & Strategy Lifetime Brands

Lifetime Brands supplies the Top Housewares Retails in North America.


Manage $10Bs of the worlds top agency budgets seamlessly integrated with Salesforce models.

Crush fraud by elegantly processing 100,000s of transactions through a modifiable rules engine in under 600ms.

Avg. Cost Savings

About NoFraud

NoFraud adapts to new fraudulent trends, by incorporating virtually every fraud detection technology available in a multi-layered approach fusing advanced learning algorithms with human intelligence.

The Technology

The most comprehensive agile technology using Fraud Linking, Behavioral Analysis, Data Validation & Human Oversight.
Cutting ChargeBacks
Reducing False Positives
"We Love our System. It's Brilliant! It works like a charm, successfully identifying the correct transactions to decline and approve in milliseconds!"
- Shaya Posner, Fraud Prevention Expert of NoFraud

Crushing eCommerce fraud is easy. And it only takes a few minutes to get started.


We've got the Experience you Need

Whether you need to Manage $.5 Trillion USD in Media Spend & Performance, Cut Operational Costs & Time by 80%, Train 10,000 employees across 90 countries in 20 languages, or need to Process 100,000’s of audits to cut $100,000,000’s of litigation risk; True Interaction has the experience to make an impact.

Ready to talk about how we can make an impact in your business?


We Can Integrate Anything with... Anything

Per the endless variable demands of each of our global clients, TI has seen it all, and has had to do it all. From legacy systems to open source, we can determine the most optimal means to achieve operational perfection, devising and implementing the right tech stack to fit your business. We routinely pull together disparate data sources, fuse together disconnected silos, and do exactly what it takes for you to operate with tight tolerances, making your business engine hum. Have 100+ platforms? No problem. Give us a Call.

Depending on your current technology landscape, True Interaction will identify and define the optimal path forward.

How We Work

f v = (R-I)
True Interaction seeks first to understand the key critical functions of your business with a proprietary True Interaction Session™. This involves a proprietary audit which identifies what parts and/or interaction points you need to improve. Next is R&D drawing deeply from the art and science of Information Architecture, which lays the foundation and blueprints for efficient development. We follow through with extensive Quality Assurance and Penetration Testing, as well as Monitoring, Training and Maintenance that fits your company’s work-style as you evolve toward greater levels of success. Need your project expertly managed? Give us a Call.
Genius is 1% Idea and 99% Exceptional Execution, therefore we built our own Project Management System, ELM (the Entropy Limiting Machine) to manage your project to perfection.
Our End-to-End Process ensures you can go from idea to seamless delivery efficiently.
ELM manages all aspects of your project from project kick-off to live deployment.


About the Team

O. Liam Wright - CEO

Liam is a perpetual thinker, creator, and entrepreneur who is sought by the world’s leading businesses and organizations to improve efficiency, performance and profits. Fluent in today’s technology, but firmly grounded in human-centric values, Liam’s master design, user experience, and communication skills become the seeds of some of the most ingenious and innovative business enterprise systems developed today.

WATCH VIDEO: Recent Talk @ Microsoft HQ on "How then shall we live our life" - Tolstoy
“Liam demonstrated not only that his incredible breadth of expertise can provide a unique perspective to a problem, but that he can leverage it to produce an astonishingly innovative solution.”
Stan Gryskiewicz, Senior Fellow at Center for Creative Leadership, President & Founder at Association for Managers of Innovation

Mr. Wright clearly understands that those who served during our nation’s greatest times of crisis deserve to be acknowledged and the work provided by True Interaction has moved us closer to making that vision become a reality."
Dr. James T. Everhart Montford Point Marine Association

“Liam is a perpetual innovator, who consistently balances long-range vision with carefully crafted and polished execution.”
- Jon Bouchard, Award Winning Architect

I can vouch for Liam both as a team member and team leader. He has a calm, personable style which doesn’t change under pressure. This steady approach is a gift when the ‘going gets tough’.
Robert Nalewajeck, US National President Vatican Foundation, CAPP-USA

Q: Recruiter.com - How do you pick the right team?
A: Truth through Trials: "The best people we’ve worked with, have gone through trials with us. When things get hot, a team member's personal and professional character rises to the top, which is tough to see on the spot. The truth is, after a trial period, you’ll know if its the right fit, when both parties work to support each others livelihood." – O. Liam Wright, CEO

Michael Davison III

General Manager

As a former USMC Infantry Officer with a Masters in Information and Library Science and a gift for communication, research, and copywriting, the breadth of Michael’s life experience informs every project he works on, from Managing Studio54 in the 2000s, to global enterprise accounts today. He loves to roll his sleeves up and get in the trenches with his design and dev teams in order to maximize their talents and skills, and to make their work as clear and as smooth as possible.

Matt Tidd

Chief Technical Director

For over 6 years Matt Tidd has played a key role in tech stack design, development strategy, front-end and back-end development – using over a dozen languages to get the job done. From Global SAP integration, multi-data source integration, to multi-browser multi-device applications Mr. Tidd can learn on the fly any programming language.

Tech Lead / Developer
Piter Garcia
SysAdmin / PCI Compliance
Greg Madison
Sr. Developer & Strategist
Andrew Soncha Jr.
The Extended Team

True Interaction is supported by a wide array of great talent across technology, design & business strategy.


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7 Keys to Success for New Hires in the First 3 Months

Fit in – But don't Follow: "Sometimes you follow, but many times you have to flourish in your own way. True Interaction is a machine, yet it is made up of individuals who need freedom to think for themselves while considering the larger picture. Following protocols is good, but maintaining sensitivity to conditions is better. Fit the team, but don’t follow blindly. Improve yourself and others, personally and professionally." – Read More

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