We Build Tools for Sales Teams

True Interaction designs, develops and deploys custom applications for sales teams to gain competitive edge, increase profit margins and get the insights and collaboration they need to perform better.

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“You’ve been AWESOME!!! I can’t repeat it enough… so one last time, you’ve been AWESOME!!!!!!!!”

Karin Baatsch-Deboulet, EVP Initiative


Field Agent Tools

We help you get the competitive edge by building you assistive integrated tools to give you an edge in the field, using mobile-ready secure technology.

We Build Tools for Sales Teams

Calculators & Collaboration

We help you design useful calculators to increase your enhance your negotiation skills and increase margins, with collaboration functions to improve customer interaction.

True Interaction

Data Integration & Reporting

We help you gather data on competition and macro-trends to have at your fingertips for lightning fast action in the field – as well as, reducing time spent in weekly reports.


Get the Edge with Real-Time Competitive Data

Boost Sales +32% • Boost Conversions +24%

“This project is coming to a close, and your team has been WONDERFUL.”– Robyn Lynn

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Accurately Calculate Pricing

$MMs of Fees Re-Negotiated. 6x Distribution.

“For us, the platform is so easily customizable, that we can use it with all customers, each of whom want something different – regards to data input and report outputs.”– Michael Farmer, Farmer & Company

A Major Breakthrough in Design Engineering

Cut months off design process • 300,000 design combinations

“IDEATE reduces design and engineering time by fifty-percent, which is a tremendous feat that takes customer private label kitchenware design to the next level.”– Dan Siegel, executive vice president, Lifetime Brands, Inc.

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Better Informed Decisions. More Sales.

100,000s of Manhours Saved

“Sales Portal allows us to simplify and focus the sales process, and ensure the lines of communications between sales and marketing teams are in perfect harmony. Additional benefit is gained from the resulting structured data that we can use to make informed decisions on what our customers are looking for and to better equip our sales team.”– Cliff Siegel, EVP Global Supply Chain of Lifetime Brands

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We Build Enterprise-Ready Secure, Private and Compliant Solutions.

*TLSv1.2 encryption transfers, AES-256 at rest encryption. **Support for HIPAA Compliance, SOC II Compliance, or PCI Compliance.


AI Powered Business Automation

Power your business process with flexible plug-in-play data management, business intelligence, low-code application development, computational statistics and machine learning.

Synaptik Full Stack Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning and Business Intelligence Platform

“Magic. Just Magic. We never could have imagined to have this sense of usability at this level, so quickly and easily.” Sara Shindel – HAVAS MEDIA

"We Love our System. It's Brilliant! It works like a charm, successfully identifying the correct transactions to decline and approve in milliseconds!" Shaya Posner – NoFraud

"For 5 years I've been continually amazed at True Interaction's consistency and creativity. Highly recommended to anyone looking to develop complex apps and even physical products." Jason Poure, SPARK – Lifetime Brands

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