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20,000 USMC Men Remembered • $1.8MM Funds Raised

“True Interaction’s ability to translate a chapter of history as difficult as segregation and racism into a work of art is unique. This design meets its intended purpose of educating and inspiring visitors for generations.”– James T. Averhart, National President of Montford Point Marine Association

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Spreading Principles of Human Dignity

Reaching 1,000s Nationwide through Education & Inspiration

“I am very impressed with the professionalism and output you have afforded CAPP. One of the most creative, professional, exceptionally ethical and responsive organizations I have worked with. They “get it” quickly — and respond in kind.”– Robert Nalewajeck, National President of CAPP Vatican Foundation

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We Build Enterprise-Ready Secure, Private and Compliant Solutions.

*TLSv1.2 encryption transfers, AES-256 at rest encryption. **Support for HIPAA Compliance, SOC II Compliance, or PCI Compliance.


AI Powered Business Automation

Power your business process with flexible plug-in-play data management, business intelligence, low-code application development, computational statistics and machine learning.

Synaptik Full Stack Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning and Business Intelligence Platform

“Magic. Just Magic. We never could have imagined to have this sense of usability at this level, so quickly and easily.” Sara Shindel – HAVAS MEDIA

"We Love our System. It's Brilliant! It works like a charm, successfully identifying the correct transactions to decline and approve in milliseconds!" Shaya Posner – NoFraud

"For 5 years I've been continually amazed at True Interaction's consistency and creativity. Highly recommended to anyone looking to develop complex apps and even physical products." Jason Poure, SPARK – Lifetime Brands

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“These guys really rock at building custom business solutions!”Cliff Siegel, EVP Global Supply Chain of Lifetime Brands MORE BUSINESS TOOLS


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Get Ready for AI: “If Your Company Isn’t Good at Analytics, It’s Not Ready for AI”Harvard Business Review AI POWERED BUSINESS PROCESS