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We Re-Invent Customer Service

True Interaction designs, develops and deploys customer service integrated platforms at scale to manage service, orders and inquiries.

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“This is by far my favorite app. It saves me so much time!”

Mimi Poon, Allscope Direct

Re-Invent Customer Service

Multi-System Integration

We integrate with popular ERP, CRM, IVR, Email and phone systems to drastically reduce call-center time.

Develops and Deploys

Machine Learning Integration

Boost customer service experience with recommendation engines that provide real-time feedback on performance.


The Alternative to Salesforce’s

Cut Call-Center Response Time 50%

“I’m seriously almost crying, I’m so happy… though for the professional record, I will say “the system looks good… ;)”– Stephen H, Dir. Customer Service of Lifetime Brands

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How do you like to communicate in today’s world?

100,000s of Manhours Saved

“…making it easier and faster for our customers to reach us. No matter if you prefer email, phone calls, or texting the WiBa Connect app brings all these options right at your finger tips.”– National Sales Manager, Wittmann Battenfeld

Case Study

Secure your business with TI Compliance today.

We build enterprise-grade, secure and compliant systems - Ask about how we can harden your systems to be secure and compliant with TLSv1.2 encryption transfers, AES-256 at rest encryption. **Support for HIPAA Compliance, SOC II Compliance, or PCI Compliance.

Boost your Business with Automation & AI

Whether you're looking to increase performance or margins – enhance your business with the power of Automation and AI. Ask about how Synaptik is powering some of the largest companies today!

Synaptik Full Stack Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning and Business Intelligence Platform

“Magic. Just Magic. We never could have imagined to have this sense of usability at this level, so quickly and easily.” Sara Shindel – HAVAS MEDIA

"We Love our System. It's Brilliant! It works like a charm, successfully identifying the correct transactions to decline and approve in milliseconds!" Shaya Posner – NoFraud

"For 5 years I've been continually amazed at True Interaction's consistency and creativity. Highly recommended to anyone looking to develop complex apps and even physical products." Jason Poure, SPARK – Lifetime Brands

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“Customers are 5.2X more likely to purchase from companies with great customer experience.” READ MORE INSIGHTS


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