I wanted to share some of our insights on emerging work innovating and enhancing new customer loyalty programs through tokenization and data analytics. Our work in this field falls in line with our Data Management and Analytics platform, Tokenization of customer loyalty programs not […]

Transform & Innovate Legacy Technology

Resources ($) spent treading water Transforming legacy technology remains a difficult proposition. A lack of historical expertise by current stakeholders is one impediment, as is transparency of soft costs within the technology budget. The full expenses of legacy infrastructure can remain hidden until confronted with […]

Understanding Shoppers Using Big Data

The emergence of big data has taken many industries by storm. The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has been at the forefront of big data technology. The success of any CPG company is dependent on the ability to take advantage of changing consumer trends better […]

Cloud Computing enters the Madness!

The NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament is unlike any other event in sports. Widely known as March Madness, the 68 team single-elimination tournament has become one of the most famous annual sporting events in the United States. The unpredictability and excitement of each game […]

Data Integrity: How to Keep It

Data is central to your business. So how can you ensure that your small or medium sized business is maintaining its data in an accurate and consistent manner? Doing so is called data integrity. Data integrity, a central part of information security, involves storing and […]

How to Make Best-of-Breed Software Even Better

Selecting an optimal best-of-breed system represents one of the most critical decisions for any company looking to purchase new software. A best-of-breed system is one that best meets the need of a specific business function. This might be Salesforce (Customer Relationship Management), Quickbooks (Accounting) and […]

Buy the Numbers? Private Equity and Hedge Funds

Private equity firms and hedge funds should be thriving in the age of information. With thousands of alternative data options, these companies can select which ones are most valuable for their business. However, many private equity firms and hedge funds do not rely on quantitative […]

Analytics for Batteries? How Machine Learning Can Transform the Modern Energy Grid

Individuals who follow the energy industry are aware of the decreasing market share of peakers. All plays on words aside, peakers are natural gas-fired power plants that provide energy grids with extra surges of electricity during peak usage hours. Today, lithium ion batteries are emerging […]

How Law Firms Can Leverage Federated Searches

Lawyers and law firms must rely on the clearest information possible in order to best serve their clients. Federated searches represent one way that firms can become more adept at meeting this goal. These searches allow users to analyze hundreds and thousands of data points […]

The Two Ways Big Data Helps Developing Nations

Big data tools have become a national conversation in across U.S. enterprise as businesses try to leverage their existing data into a competitive advantage. Companies in industrialized nations have used big data tools for complex processes like consumer personalization that create a unique experience for […]

Tourism in the Information Age

Big data and analytics have become increasingly relevant in recent years. Simply put, Big Data is a term that describes the large volume of data-both structured and unstructured- that business collects on a daily basis. How people and organizations use this large volume of data is becoming […]

Keep the Change! What ICOs Can Do for Your Business (Part 2)

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), a business fundraising event similar to an initial public offering in which investors purchase company-issued tokens with digital currencies (i.e. Bitcoin) for equity, are increasing in frequency as cryptocurrency become more widely accepted across the globe. (Please see Part 1 of […]

Keep the Change! What ICOs Can Do for Your Business (Part 1)

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is about how companies are using Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in transformative ways to raise funds and gain a competitive edge. True Interaction built SYNAPTIK, our Data Management, Analytics, and Data Science Simulation DMP, specifically to make it easy for leaders […]

The New Food Chain: How Blockchain Will Transform the Food Industry

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is about how blockchain is helping the food industry to better serve consumers around the globe. True Interaction built SYNAPTIK, our Data Management, Analytics, and Data Science Simulation DMP, specifically to make it easy for leaders to collect and manage data, […]

So, what exactly is a DMP?

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is about how data management platforms (DMPs) can assist decision-makers in organizing their data in ways leading to strategic insights. True Interaction built SYNAPTIK, our Data Management, Analytics, and Data Science Simulation DMP, specifically to make it easy for leaders to […]

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