Top 10 Product Designs in 2020

A decade has past to learn from, and we have a decade to be inspired. The top products to look forward to in 2020 have taken years to get here. Not only have the companies behind them ideated, but executed, and delivered products into the

IoT Consumer Kitchenware

How to Build an App that is Relevant in 2020

As a consultant, I’ve learned to start off asking “Why” vs. “How” as this helps prepare for the long journey of what you will be building. First let’s start off with the first few questions I believe need to be answered first. What is an


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Justin Barbaro

Cybersecurity: Is Machine Learning the Answer?

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is about how to approach and think about cybersecurity. True Interaction built SYNAPTIK, our Data Management, Analytics, and Data Science Simulation Platform, specifically to make it easy to collect and manage core and alternative data for more meaningful data discovery. For more information or a

O. Liam Wright


Innovating an $800M national business requires both special leadership and a team who can align to and deliver upon a cohesive mission plan. True Interaction has had the privilege of serving under SVP of Global Operations, Cliff Siegel – a business leader who has the foresight