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Ministry of Tourism, Mexico – Social Listening Report & Recommendations

*Example Snippet from Report As of Jan 10, 2018, 50% of states have a Mexico Travel Advisory Level of 3 or higher, however these are not the locations with the highest levels of tourism and moreover certain cities in the US are as equally as […]

Here Comes Fake Data!

 EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a guest article authored by Geber Consulting. The original article was featured here. True Interaction built SYNAPTIK, our Data Management, Analytics, and Data Science Simulation Platform, specifically to make it easy to collect and manage core and alternative data for more meaningful […]

Making Human Resources More Inclusive, Driven By Data

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is about how to approach and think about leveraging data to make human resources more inclusive across organizations. True Interaction built SYNAPTIK, our Data Management, Analytics, and Data Science Simulation Platform, specifically to make it easy to aggregate siloed data (i.e. from Human Resources, Finance, […]

AI Startup Lightning Panel

SPEAKER: O. Liam Wright – Founder & CEO Linkedin LOCATION: December 11 from 6:45 pm – 7:30 pm @AIWorldExpo Boston Dec 11 – 13 ABOUT AI STARTUP LIGHTING PANEL: Join AI start-up advisor Steve Ardire who will moderate this panel with AI startups. Each panelist will […]

Social Media Principles, Evolution and Future

Marketing is a process as old a business itself. However, the invention and proliferation of digital advertising, often through social media channels, has transformed the ways in which brands and their marketing agencies interact with current and potential customers. Rich Taylor, a Chief Marketing Officer […]

Cybersecurity – Emerging Threats, Issues and Trends in 2017 and Beyond

DESCRIPTION Cybersecurity has taken on a new urgency with the emergence of ransomware attacks, the spread of crippling global viruses and state-sponsored cyber-attacks. Our panelists will tackle the complex issues involved in addressing this pervasive challenge and discuss the strategic, tactical and technology issues faced […]

Corporate Investigation

A Corporate Investigation firm sought relations with True Interaction, in order to employ the Synaptik platform for the purpose of extracting structured and un-structured data from sources in a secure, accurate and high-speed manner. Agents worldwide benefit from a single, simple interface leading to significant […]

Allscope Direct Allscope Direct entrusted True Interaction to deploy the Synaptik platform, for the purpose of tackling the data management, presentation and syndication problems with media management.

Re-Launching Core Business Platform for the Future

OUR ROLE Full Re-Architecture, Design and Development of core business platform for netroadshow in order to continue providing clients with cost-effective and timely solutions which add value to their entire investor base, and give immediate value to the buy-side community. Platform provides access to transaction […]


Innovating an $800M national business requires both special leadership and a team who can align to and deliver upon a cohesive mission plan. True Interaction has had the privilege of serving under SVP of Global Operations, Cliff Siegel – a business leader who has the foresight […]

Budget Management

Budget Management of agency contracts, demystified — with a base architecture built in Salesforce’s VisualForce framework. The custom-built system manages $10B of the world’s top agency budgets, seamlessly integrated with Salesforce models.

IoT Consumer Kitchenware

Architected, Designed, and Prototyped IoT exploration into new markets. Lifetime Brands entrusted True Interaction to help launch its first-ever digitally enabled product — by producing product specifications, clickable software, as well as hardware prototypes.

USMC Memorial Designed, architected, and directed the development and funding of a military memorial to honor 20,000 African American Marines, now a Historical Landmark on display in Memorial Park, Jacksonville, NC. A $2M memorial that includes a 3,000 lb bronze sculpture, a refurbished M1A1 Air Defense Artillery weapons […]


Directed the re-architecture, design, development, and maintenance of an SAP-connected-via-Sybase iOS Application for global quality control, deployed across factories in China, warehouses coast-to-coast in the United States, as well as design departments at the client HQ. Runs 40,000 inspections per year for a $1B Consumer […]

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